Patterns are essentially a 2D template that represents the shape that will be cut out in fabric. It requires years of experiences to make an accurate and professional pattern for your design.

Once you have a technical drawing for your design, you can come to JusTailors to ask for a quote, and after you accepted the quote, our experienced pattern makers will make the pattern for sample machinists to sew the mock-up. We will send the mock-up to you and you give feedbacks to refine the design and will remake a mock-up if changes are needed.

(When a new design is being sewn up for the first time, it will not necessarily be sewn up in the final fabric straight away, by instead it always been sewn up in a cheaper alternative fabrics first. These test garments are often referred to as “mock-up”, “toiles” or “muslins” and they are essentially )a type of garment prototype for the purpose of fitting the pattern and refining the design. )

Once you have confirmed the final mock-up, you are ready to make a sample with the actual fabrics! At the end of our the pattern making service, you will get both digital pattern file and paper pattern.

Ask for a quote today and make your design come to live!